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In its 58th year, the Salone del Mobile was more international – and better attended – than ever before. And deservedly so, as the fantastic highlights on show during this special week are very much in a class of their own. All Milan is given over to design: as far as style and form are concerned, there are no boundaries for a few days at least. This glorious diversity drew in more than 380,000 visitors this year. And we took a decidedly straightforward line when it came to packaging the visual and tactile variety on show at the new Wittmann stand. After all, straight lines are a key element of the design era that we just love to keep on tipping our hat to: Viennese Modernism. Brightly coloured yet elegant, populated with the eminently likeable new members of the Wittmann Hayon Workshop collection and the cosy chairs created by Sebastian Herkner, the Wittmann stand was set up as one big invitation for visitors to take a load off their feet. And, pleasingly, our guests saw it the same way.

Velvet and linen were chosen to cover the new models by Jaime Hayon and Sebastian Herkner. Wood, brass and marble complemented the upholstered finishes. For Vuelta fans, the fact that there is now a complete fine dining room ensemble to enjoy was a major highlight. Especially as the Vuelta Dining Chair has finally arrived. Along with a matching table to go with it. Talking of tables – the smaller of the new models also turned heads. Helice Table and Sticks Table are delicate and fine, and effortlessly pull off their twin function as decorative objects and practical everyday companions.

Click here for more on all the new models showcased by Wittmann in Milan. Now they are ready to take their place in the world where they can work their magic.