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Hello, Wittmann Flagship Store

We’ll come right out with it: the refurbishment of the Wittmann showroom in Vienna has nothing to do with the magic of Advent. It was simply time to officially redesignate this attractive space to better reflect the purpose it has served for some years now: a flagship store and a year-round setting to showcase everything that Wittmann has to offer. Nevertheless, the arrival of wintry weather with a bite of frost in the air right on cue for the opening event on 29 November was a nice coincidence – the warmth that permeated every aspect of the gathering indoors worked its magic to create a particularly cosy atmosphere. The 150 attendees – invited in partnership with collaborator Falstaff wine and gourmet journal – were treated not only to this special ambience, but also to a gin tasting, a wine bar by Willi Bründlmayer, and Kamptal valley canapés courtesy of Höllerschmid.

More than ever, this space – located in a part of Vienna that is deeply influenced by culture and design – is being used as a place to experience and touch, where objects are brought to life. The sensual design of the Wittmann Flagship store gives the imagination free rein, kindling a desire for variety. Redolent of a tableau vivant, individual niches grant insights into different living spaces. Opulent or understated, classic or modern, pastel shades or a riot of colour. The possibilities are myriad, with an endless variety of combinations allowed. What counts is not following a trend, but finding answers to the question of what fits us and what we identify with. Where in our lives can we express this better than in our own homes?

At the moment, the latest additions to Sebastian Herkner’s collection for Wittmann are cosying up to the other designs in the Living, Dining and Beds ranges. As one home scenario gives way to another, interior design ideas develop of their own accord, while the senses soak up the wealth of tactile and aesthetic elements. Leather meets fabric, marble meets wood, leather meets brass. What a blessing that the Wittmann flagship store is open virtually every day. And to return to the magic of Advent: people also have their role to play in a tableau. So why not take a few minutes to pause for thought, away from all the hubbub, and quietly decompress surrounded by the aforementioned velvet and marble. And while you are there, with the pressure off, perhaps you will strike upon a Christmas gift or two.