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Hotels can be exciting if they have a joined-up underlying concept to show for themselves.  It is indeed still possible to make even the most experienced and hard-bitten guests sit up and take notice by offering services and amenities that are anything but off the peg. As this is something that has always applied to the world of home furnishings and interior design, it is clear why Wittmann’s special commissions not only have the power to enrich private residential spaces, but are also in high demand among maverick hotel designers.  Anything-but-ready-made seems to be the way forward. In addition to choices such as coffees, bathroom cosmetics and signature cushions, this also goes for hotel interiors.

One fair that has focused on the needs of the high-end designer and boutique hotel industry is the Independent Hotel Show.

As a specialist for bespoke solutions, Wittmann knows exactly what individuality at the very highest level of quality is all about. Interior designers and architects alike have held the company’s expertise and flexibility in the highest regard for decades. Wittmann teamed up with Roelfien Vos Interior Design & Architecture for the 2019 Independent Hotel Show. This multi-award-winning designer presented all of the new arrivals in Sebastian Herkner and Jaime Hayon’s collections for Wittmann at its stand, alongside timeless designs from the hand of Josef Hoffmann – all served up in the exclusive and opulently creative decor that Roelfin Vos is so famous for. What better way to strike the right note among those oh-so-hard-to-please guests we mentioned earlier.