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Beds, Mattresses

Longevity is paramount for Wittmann. As with the other collections, this feature of the Wittmann bed range comes from the selection of only the finest materials and from meticulous workmanship.



All of the bases in the collection have removable covers. For care instructions for your chosen material click here.


The mattress you have chosen is the centrepiece of your new bed. Correct treatment and care will prolong the life of your mattress and allow you to enjoy a healthy and relaxing sleep for a particularly long time to come. Ensure that the mattress and the underframe are regularly aired. We recommend turning your mattress over six times a year.
All Wittmann mattresses, including multi-zone sprung core models, can be flipped over and turned end over end. Mattresses for use with electronic motor inserts have special bend points, and can be flipped, but not turned end over end. As the bend points are not symmetrical, the head and foot ends of the mattress may not be switched.


Seven different mattress toppers round out the bed system. These quality toppers regulate warmth and moisture, while ensuring maximum hygiene.

Material and care instructions:

Cashmere (100% Cashmere): dry clean only
Wild silk (100% Wild silk): dry clean only
Merino wool (100% Merino wool): dry clean only
Horse-hair (70% Horse-hair / 30% Merino wool): dry clean only
Lyocell (50% Lyocell / 50% Polyester): dry clean only
Princess: dry clean only without water
Princess Duo: dry clean only without water