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Wittmann’s furniture collection features about 300 highly durable textiles with high quality designs. All textiles must pass strict tests and meet minimum requirements for light fastness
and abrasion resistance before being included in our collection. But even the most attractive and most durable covers can be exposed to unexpected wear in daily use.

General textile care

Textile covers also need to be cared for so that they look their best for longer. Vacuuming is sufficient for regular cleaning, but a special upholstery nozzle should be used. Stains should be removed immediately. A handheld wet dry vacuum cleaner offers effective help with spilled liquids. Otherwise, dab the wet area with an absorbent cloth or paper and treat any residue with watered down carpet or upholstery shampoo. Spread the shampoo on a white cloth and work into the stain, moving
towards the centre from the edge. Once the stain has been removed, dab the remaining shampoo off and allow the material to dry. Chemical cleaners and stain removers should only be used strictly in accordance with the instructions, and tested on a concealed area first. If the cover is removable the material can be taken to a dry cleaner. Ensure that the care instructions for the material sample are observed.


Here you can find special care tips per fabric.

Special cleaning tips for textiles


Spirits, beer, fruit juice, lemonade, coffee, tea

Do not allow to dry, treat immediately with a lukewarm soap solution.

Butter, floor polish, paint (lacquer), grease, resin, coal, oil, tar 

Treat with a solvent such as white spirit, petroleum solvents or stain remover. This treatment should not be used with microfibre materials!

Candle wax

Do not iron! Crumble into small pieces and carefully lift off. This can damage the surface of velour. If necessary, treat with a petroleum solvent.

Coffee with milk, cocoa, pen, lipstick, mayonnaise, perfume, cream, shoe polish, sauces, soup, ink, soot

Treat with a lukewarm soap solution. If this fails to fully remove the stain, it can be treated again with white spirit, petroleum solvents or stain remover once it has dried.


Moisten a white towel and apply a citric acid solution (1 level tablespoon in 100 ml cold water). Work into the stain from the edge towards the middle.


Please note that any treatment should be tested first on part of the furniture that is not normally visible. The tips given above are meant as general information.Since the composition of every material is different it will respond differently to treatment, so caution is advisable.

Removable covers

Some Wittmann models are available with removable covers on request. The bed bases come with removable covers as standard. If you choose a piece with removable covers please note that they are fitted with either velcro and/or zip fasteners. When fitting or removing covers take care to ensure that the hook strip does not attach itself to the material as this could draw threads and damage the sub-upholstery.
Particularly with larger pieces, we recommend professional assistance when removing and refitting covers after cleaning. When cleaning covers please follow the care instructions given by the care symbol (see the material sample attached to the last page of this manual).

Additional stain protection

If you would like to add additional stain protection to a Wittmann fabric covered piece of furniture, please consult a local specialist. We would like to remind owners that the suitability and compatibility of the various stain removal products on the market depends on the precise composition of the covering material. Fabrics can react differently to cleaning products.
We recommend asking a specialist to test a sample for compatibility with the selected product. You will find a sample of the material used in your furniture at the back of this manual. Larger samples are available from Wittmann on request.