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New member of the Wittmann Hayon Workshop collection

Wittmann Hayon Workshop embodies zest for life and confidence, just like its Viennese Modernism role models. And it is an ongoing, living process that gives rise to unique items of furniture for all areas of life.

Now it's time for a new family member:

The Vuelta Dining Table - An acknowledgement of the pleasure of celebrating, eating and life itself. Vuelta is a self-assured piece with generously-proportioned round wooden legs that are available in a full range of colours. The pleasingly elliptical form of the table top comes in four luxury marble finishes or a velvety-soft leather finish in a choice of 30 shades.

The leather version comes in lengths of 220cm and 280cm. The marble variant measures 220cm. The table measures 100cm across at its broadest point.