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Wittmann Bed

If you want to get a good night’s sleep – night after night – then you need a bed that fits your individual requirements. Wittmann’s beds meet even the most demanding of briefs: thanks to the level of flexibility they offer it is now possible to personalize your bed down to the very last detail.

You can design your Wittmann bed to match your personal preferences.

You can choose from a broad range of bed bases, inserts, mattresses and bedheads, combining the individual elements at will for a uniquely relaxing night’s sleep.

 Custom dimensions can also be accommodated, as each bed is hand made to order. The beds come with or without bedding compartments, and fixed or adjustable inserts with either a manual mechanism or an electric motor to raise and lower the mattress.

As well as customizing your bed to suit your individual needs, a wide assortment of shapes is also available. Created by renowned designers, the bedheads and bases can be covered in a range of different materials, while the feet come in various styles and finishes to accommodate a variety of style preferences.

in detail

Wittmann's modular system enables you to compose a bed from elements that best match your individual preferences and sleeping habits. The table gives an overview of the different options for combining bases, bedheads, inserts and mattresses. The timeless designs of the attractive bases and bedheads also 

opens up a vast range of options when it comes to you expressing your tastes. Whether you are looking for modern, classic or quirky, thanks to the flexibility offered by a genuine Wittmann you can rest assured that your bed reflects your personal style.

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