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The inserts

Inserts with E-Motor

An electronically adjustable, motor-driven support frame is considered to be the non plus ultra for many lovers of luxurious beds. There is hardly anything more convenient than being able to freely adjust your bed while lying in it to the exact position which is most comfortable for your wishes whether it be lying down or sitting upright. The wireless remote control with a lit background has four memory buttons which allow you to store the preferred positions so they  
can be recalled at the touch of a button. An emergency lowering function is standard. Intensive research and development is integrated into the Wittman motor-driven frames. The result will satisfy even the highest demands for comfort, ease of use, technology and safety. It goes without saying that a circuit breaker and emergency lowering mechanism are included.

Special feature: when the head and backrest elements elevate, the head section moves first followed by the backrest area, so as to create the perfect reading position.

Premium Plus
Every joint can be adjusted separately to guarantee the highest level of comfort. With this support, the resting surface can be adjusted even more precisely to your personal wishes. In addition to the PREMIUM mattress frame, PREMIUM PLUS has a separately controlled calf lowering mechanism and neck adjustment. The sitting position is made especially comfortable because the motor can move the frame in the direction of the headboard and also towards the night table and lamp.

Inserts for interior-sprung mattresses

Upholstered insert with a pocket-sprung core. This luxurious insert ensures exceptional reclining comfort when used in combination with our top quality interior sprung mattresses. The pocket springing delivers optimum point elasticity.

Superior Plus
Upholstered insert with a pocket-sprung core, and mechanical foot and head adjustment. The same specifications as Superior, except that the head and foot sections are independently tiltable.

Classic upholstered slat frame with double-glued beechwood slats. In spite of the minimal height, excellent resting comfort is assured. For styles with bedding storage space, the greatest possible use of the storage space is thereby enabled.

Inserts for natural rubber mattresses

Double-row slat-unit
Each of the two slat units can be positioned at a different height to maintain the ideal position for each mattress. Depending on the loading, either the upper slat row provides support alone or the lower one does so as well.

Double-row slat-unit with adjustable head/foot
The same specifications as the double-row slat unit, except that the head and foot sections are independently tillable.