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The Mattress
At the heart of your bed

Super Soft




Super Firm




Barrel shaped pocket-sprung mattress

Arcadia sleeping system
The triple resilient Wittmann sleeping system. A composition that allows the sleeper to glide weightlessly through the night as if on clouds.

Sandmann pocket 3
Slender contours for high expectations. The Sandmann Pocket mattress is an entry model with all of the qualities that make a Wittmann mattress.

Sandmann de luxe pocket
Pure reclining feeling. The Sandman Deluxe Pocket meets all requirements for ideal sleep. The long spring travel, extending through the luxurious height of the mattress results in a noticeable comfort advantage.

Sandmann Imperial Pocket
Perfection as a minimum demand. Long-term experience and knowledge about the essential functions of a perfect mattress have led to the creation of the Sandman Imperial Pocket. The core of the 35 cm high mattress is formed by barrel shaped pocket springs sewn into cotton bags.

Natural rubber mattress

Natural rubber mattress
with horse-hair
Naturally breathable. To lie on a natural rubber mattress is often the lifelong sleep philosophy for lovers of this special material. The variant with horse hair feels firmer on the surface and is thus suitable for anyone who appreciate a somewhat firmer lying comfort.

Natural rubber mattress
Maximum adaptability. Latex mattresses have exceptional biomechanical and micro-climatological properties. Wittmann uses pure natural rubber, which is characterized by a soft, supple elasticity and makes the mattress thoroughly adaptable.