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MERGENTIME Chair I. &II., Design: Friedrich Kiesler

Discovered for the present:

The Mergentime chair by Wittmann

Wittmann Möbelwerkstätten is taking design past into the future: the traditional company is set to unveil the Mergentime chair at the world’s largest furniture fair, the Salone de Mobile in Milan. A rediscovered gem from the estate of a design visionary and avantgarde artist: Friedrich Kiesler’s design comes from 1930s New York.

Originally, just eight of the chairs were built. Kiesler designed the piece for the apartment of a fellow artist, his friend MargueritaMergentime. Last year a number of draft sketches were discovered in the archive at the Friedrich Kiesler Foundation in Vienna which manages the Austrian-American artist and theorist’s estate. A short time later a pair of original chairs turned up on the New York art market. Wittmann acquired them in partnership with the foundation and a private sponsor. The pieces were used to create a scale design template for a prototype which will enter into series production for the first time in 2016. The design complements the present and fits into the Wittmann collection so effortlessly that it looks like it had been created for that purpose.

The chair has character: it is poised confidently on a three-legged tubular steel frame, and boast outstanding seating comfort

WittmannMöbelwerkstätten has already given various Friedrich Kiesler furniture designs a new lease of life such as the Bed Couch, Party Lounge, Correalistic Rocker and Correalistic Instrument. Pieces of furniture such as the Mergentime chair that once seemed so far ahead of their time now have the chance to become genuine classics. Thanks to their aesthetic and functional qualities. But, above all, thanks to Wittmann’s cultural engagement and the Friedrich Kiesler Foundation’s work in this area of the nation’s art and design heritage.



Ever since 1896, when the family-owned business – now in its fourth generation – was founded as a saddler, quality consciousness and craftsmanship and innovation have been central to the Wittmann culture. Today, Wittmann works with world-famous designers to bring each genuine Wittmann to life as a truly unique item of furniture.

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