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PALAIS, Design: Marco Dessí

The latest creation by designer Marco Dessí proves „constructive ellegance”.

Dessí has created a sofa that reinvents itself again and again, offering maximum seating comfort thanks highest handicraft.

The sofa offers a basic vocabulary which offers innumerable combinations – with inlays of wood, glass, leather, fabric or stone – how it is used is up to the people that live with it.

As with the two projects jointly realised previously with Wittmann, “Odeon” and “Mono”, “Palais” presents a perfectly designed model which has been produced thanks to the commitment of many people who create durable furniture with passion and devotion.

“Our goal was to allow the greatest number of combinations with the fewest possible elements.“

“Palais” unites innumerable design component details. Dessí calls it “constructive elegance”. A logic which is revealed upon closed study of the furniture. It is an aesthetic which, through the arrangement of shapes and lines, has the effect of being almost self-evident.

“Palais” appears like an invitation. Those who accept it are rewarded with the highest level of sitting comfort: The seat cushions dampen any load and the perfect relationship between the seat height and depth creates the feeling of sitting perfectly in any position. The backrest ensures the best back support and the finely balanced lines complement the edges of the cushions and sitting comfort.

“Palais” represents the values of the Wittmann Möbelwerkstätten which they have maintained for decades: the careful processing of high-quality materials. It is the result of the connection between craftsmanship, design and an exceptional company culture which allows the individual skills, expertise, experience and competence to flow into each and every piece of furniture.


Ever since 1896, when the family-owned business – now in its fourth generation – was founded as a saddlery, quality consciousness and craftsmanship and innovation have been central to the Wittmann culture. Today, Wittmann works with world-famous designers to bring each genuine Wittmann to life as a truly unique item of furniture.


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