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designed by Soda Designers

A dream bed. Maxime draws on Wittmann Möbelwerkstätten’s combined expertise, from the innovative triple resilience support system to the attached nightstands and shelf at the foot of the bed.

Dreams of the perfect night’s sleep: the bed base and headboard have been developed in perfect harmony with Wittmann’s new three-component bed system. A recipe for a night’s sleep that is like floating on air.

A finely adjusted combination of high-quality natural materials including coconut fibre, Talalay latex, merino wool, cashmere, wild silk and solid beech assures carefree enjoyment and deep relaxation. All of the hand-finished natural materials have an unmatched softness to the touch, are breathable and have insulating properties.

The high degree of precision continues in the bed frame: soft lines and shapes combine to create a contemporary yet classic impression. The inviting cushion-style headboard is set into an offset bed frame. A removable back cushion ensures a comfortable position when reading by supporting the lower back. The bed itself is mounted on two runners which make it seem as if it is floating. Integrated square nightstands provide a formal and functional extension to the piece. Available in a choice of solid wood or with leather covering and positioned on each side of the bed, they appear to float in thin air while concealing a storage compartment. Maxime is also available with an optional surface at the foot of the bed which sets a visual conclusion to the piece and can be used for blankets and cushions.

The composition can also be extended to include a large ottoman (80cm diameter) with a solid wood top.
The back cushion may be upholstered in a contrasting material.

Widths: 170/190/210cm Height: 110cm Lenghts: 222/232cm


Ever since 1896, when the family-owned business – now in its fourth generation – was founded as a saddlery, quality consciousness and craftsmanship and innovation have been central to the Wittmann culture. Today, Wittmann works with world-famous designers to bring each genuine Wittmann to life as a truly unique item of furniture.



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