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designed by Antoine Simonin

A collage of materials that is reminiscent of Viennese Modernism. This classic folding screen features characteristically high quality craftsmanship, borne out by sensual colours and surfaces on just a few precious square metres. A wide range of materials – fabric, leather, monochrome, striped – with completely different feels and responses to the cut and finish are brought together and upholstered.

Josef also provides a compelling way of informally partitioning a space and presenting items of furniture and other objects.

H 140cm, comprising four 50cm elements


Ever since 1896, when the family-owned business – now in its fourth generation – was founded as a saddlery, quality consciousness and craftsmanship and innovation have been central to the Wittmann culture. Today, Wittmann works with world-famous designers to bring each genuine Wittmann to life as a truly unique item of furniture.


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