Outstanding seating comfort is just one of the quality features that mark out a genuine Wittmann. Alongside good design, delivering the perfect seating experience is the prime objective of our painstaking development work. We employ handmade metal or solid wood frames. The meticulous traditional upholstering and use of the finest materials assure longevity. The carefully constructed sub-upholstery is made up of elastic webbing or sinuous springs, to which multiple layers of foam are added (often with a sprung core). This multilayered construction, comprising foam with different degrees of compression hardness and density, creates a top-class interior that will retain its superior quality for many years to come. All of the foams used in our products are CFC and health risk free.

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One of the key requirements when developing our upholstered furniture is that users should feel as though they are sitting in the piece, and not merely on it. All the materials are carefully matched so as to provide unique seating comfort that will endure for many years. Any piece of furniture will eventually start to show some signs of wear and tear as time goes by; how serious these are will depend on how it is used and the choice of covering material. For instance, the creases on the seat and backrest are inevitable and do not constitute grounds for complaint.

Some functions cause the cover to stretch in use. All of our models are designed and developed with great care. The form, i.e. the design of a piece often dictates its appearance. And it may well be because of the design that you opted for a Wittmann, and were drawn to a given model. Part of the design may be the distinctive stitching, a certain amount of creasing or a deliberately informal look.


Further information on the care of fabrics and leathers is given here.


Depending on the model, we use high-quality Teflon or felt glides. All of our chairs come fitted with Teflon or felt glides as standard. You simply select these to suit your flooring. We recommend checking all glides regularly and exchanging them where necessary. Remember to check the abrasion resistance of your flooring! Replacement glides are available from your local Wittmann dealer.

Loose cushions on upholstered furnishings

Soft loose seat and backrest cushions should be regularly plumped to ensure that the filling is evenly distributed and prevent lumpiness. This also preserves the springiness of your cushions.