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JHK Table


Josef Hoffmann

The JHK Table has an aesthetically pleasing, elegant and slender stance. A highly versatile, light console table that answers every requirement asked of it. It is a surface on which to put items, a desk, sideboard, credenza or decorative object in its own right. Its geometric simplicity allows the virtuoso workmanship of the wood to shine. In smaller variants, JHK Table is the perfect partner to a sofa. Arranged lengthways, it supplies ample space for a teapot, magazines and books. Taken together, the two pieces in the series can be arranged as nesting tables.

o L 92 cm, H 53 cm, D 35 cm
o L 108 cm, H 72 cm, D 44 cm
o Frame solid wood, tabletop veneer MDF – black ash as standard, also available in a natural solid walnut finish on request.