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Lilian is the progeny of famous parents. In 1910 Josef Hoffmann created a new type of furniture in the form of Alleegasse: a modern, compact standalone armchair with a light appearance that is at home in all kinds of settings. In 1986 Paolo Piva created Aura, another global bestseller in this category. And now these classics, still produced by Wittmann to this day, are joined by a new, fresh design. Lilian pays homage to Josef Hoffmann and Paolo Piva. Eschewing short-lived trends, its development instead turned to design principles: playing with geometric shapes, reduction to the necessary dimensions, the quest for archetypal beauty. 

Lilian is a highly attractive link between Bauhaus and organic design. The clear, square underlying form of the body of the chair flows into the ergonomic, circular fold of the back and armrests. There is nothing left to add, and nothing to take away. Lilian is light and slender, long-legged and graceful, offering the perfect ratio between space and comfort. The seat contains classic Wittmann pocket-sprung mats for exceptional and enduring seating comfort.

Minimal in appearance, the stitching allows form, colour and material to bask in the limelight. Anyone who prefers to move away from pure simplicity can let their imagination run riot. Lilian is either available as straight with a pure smooth cover, or casual, laid-back and creased variants. Another option is dual colour:  Lilian is either covered in the same colour material inside and out, or in a two-tone variant with different colours on the inside and outside. This gives rise to exciting combinations: soft leather and structured fabrics, velour and smooth fabrics, monochrome textiles and patterned covers.

Lilian is also available as a dining chair in the high Version.