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Merwyn Lounge


Sebastian Herkner

“Peace and quiet, a sofa and a cup of tea is everything”: the piece of furniture that inspired Theodor Fontane to make this heartfelt statement of wellbeing must have had very special qualities. So it is good that Wittmann produces feelgood furniture in the here and now that can easily trigger similar pronouncements. Models that feature highly efficient, state-of-the-art internal upholstering, crafted and layered with an expertise based on traditional methods and skills. The shell that Sebastian Herkner gives this quality core espouses a similar blend of traditional and contemporary strengths:

the shape of the chair and sofa stirs up associations with classic armchairs and canapés. The precise upholstery is positioned above delicate, almost fragile-looking legs. By contrast, the piece’s modern, pared-down shape and thoroughly stable structure – along with its pleasingly coherent proportions – is a product of the complexity of knowledge and skill that goes into innovative design ideas. Ultimately it is all about a highly emotional outcome: you take a seat on Merwyn, cup of tea in hand, enjoy the peace and quiet and think to yourself: “There is nothing better than this.”