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Miles Pouflongue


Sebastian Herkner

Free standing and free from conventions. In order to satisfy this longing and meet his own expectations, Sebastian Herkner simply created a new category of furniture: the Miles pouflongue is part footrest, part chaise longue and one thing above all else: a small, freestanding island for one or more people. A stage or a retreat, depending on its location. A place to rest, think, work or sleep. Whatever the imagination pictures. Its little brother, Miles footrest, can be placed next to it is as an object,

or used in combination with fellow family members Miles lounge chair and Miles sofa. The pouflongue and footrest appear to float – as an island – on the surface, supported by invisible Teflon  sliders. And so that they harmonise beautifully with the slightly more raised sofas and lounge chair, the piping is executed at the same level in all models. A treat for the eyes, and typically Wittmann: cleverly thought-through down to the very last detail.