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Paradise Bird


Luca Nichetto

Paradise Bird is a collection of unusual pieces of furniture: it manifests an attitude to life, an exciting interplay of freedom and retreat, openness and reassurance. In balance between shape and essence, through a bold design that merges elegance and flexibility, Paradise Bird is rooted into the Viennese tradition of sophistication. The family composed of a lounge chair, a high back chair, a two-seater sofa and a stool transcribes the eclecticism of a research that aims to enhance the comfort. The special seating experience may be a surprise in view of the idiosyncratic shapes, but pocket springs and down filling deliver the kind of seating comfort associated with a genuine Wittmann.  The seamless juxtaposition of diverse materials highlights their quality and achieves a light appearance while ensuring stability. As a detail that pays tribute to Josef Hoffmann’s design, a frame in black or brass metal with a vertical grid characterises the structure, serving as an embracing backrest or as the support for the stool. The welcoming roundness of the upholstery and the generous size of the seats makes Paradise Bird lounge family to be a versatile solution able to create a variety of combinations, always preserving a warm feeling of cosiness.

Capturing the charm of a renowned tradition of elegance that finds its roots in Vienna, Paradise Bird Lounge Chair defines a modern and versatile design that sets the tone of the entire Lounge Family. The delicate metal frame appears light, in spite of its generous size, forming a basket that makes this an ideal piece to linger in. As a tribute to an iconic design of a series of chairs by Josef Hoffmann, a symbol of the Viennese tradition, the base widens in a cup shaped body, a structure that enhances the comfort through a swivel seat. The roundness of the upholstery allows Paradise Bird Lounge Chair to easily be combined with other products to create settings that adapt to the needs of each space.