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Soda Designers – Nasrallah & Horner

The time has come for Playtime. Classic elegance and a laid back approach are in greater demand than ever before, and Playtime combines the best of both. Available in countless clever design variants and a multiplicity of styles, Playtime is the height of individuality.

The seats of the sofas and elements come in plain upholstery or a hand-sewn, quilted finish. The freedom to combine the two types of surface makes each mix fresh and lively. The armrests can serve either as a conventional extension of the backrest or, in a more minimalist take, as leather-clad wings. Playtime can be configured creatively, in a multiplicity of variants: in clear straight lines, in intimate corners, or in exciting asymmetrical configurations with novel uses.

The painstaking craftsmanship that shapes the furniture’s appearance also makes for outstanding comfort. The unique seating experience is Wittmann all over: neither soft nor hard, but pleasantly firm and cushioned. Kept to the lowest possible height, the construction features an elastic substrate, pocket springs and carefully selected layers of high-quality foams. The short steel feet are cleverly recessed to sit flush in the covered frame. The pieces seem to float above the floor, giving even the generously sized models a light appearance. Dainty accessories and trays with special finishes round off the bespoke Playtime range. For instance, there is a leather covered book tray on a shelf made of luxury and rare woods such as elm or genuine moor oak. Playtime is a captivating combination of individuality and elegance, artisanal production methods and design.