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Vuelta bench


Jaime Hayon

When a form is so distinctive that its characteristics can even be recognised when broken down into the simple design of a footstool, the designer has clearly done everything right. The Vuelta Footstool (W 65cm, H 40cm) is a perfect companion to the high-backed armchair and is a must-have accessory that allows the chair to fully express its relaxing qualities. The Vuelta Benches (W 135/192/249/306cm, H 44cm) bring a little Hayon to anywhere they are placed –

where there is not quite enough space for a sofa, or as occasional seating in foyers, bedrooms or walk-in wardrobes. Both the footstool and the benches have essential parts to play when a larger grouping of the Vuelta family makes a combined appearance – especially where a number of people should be treated to first-class relaxation. And why not in a composition of contrasting colours?