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Vuelta Lounge Island


Jaime Hayon

“No man is an island,” as John Donne wrote in the 17th century. These days, it is often all but impossible to find a few minutes to escape for some time out. So we have become masters of creating islands for ourselves. Our homes are our main places of refuge and should offer us at least one such island. This is where Vuelta Lounge Island comes in: perfectly proportioned,

it stands as solid as rock in our favourite place and is a sofa and double chaise longue in one. It creates space for time out alone, for two, or as a family. Symmetry is often a must for aesthetes. In this case, it is served as a comfy, upholstered embrace. So when the next wave comes that needs to be escaped, take up a position on Vuelta Lounge Island and relax until the seas are calm again.