Project description

Swiss designer Jörg Boner worked on the redesign of the interior of the Swiss Embassy in Khartoum, Sudan. The prestigious premises provide a curated insight into the Swiss design landscape of the past and present. The design concept can be roughly divided into three parts, explains Jörg Boner: "The garden, which is the main entrance in accordance with Sudanese culture, the living room and the salon." In addition to numerous renowned Swiss designs, Boner has also used his own designs for WITTMANN: OYSTER fauteuil and sofa upholstered in colors of the muted-elegant spectrum are timeless seating furniture that perfectly support this flagship of Swiss Design.

Copyright photos: Milo Keller

Jörg Boner
Jörg Boner
Swiss Embassy Sudan Joerg Boner Oyster armchair sofa