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Unique architecture for an extraordinary location. Wempe opens its global flagship store in Munich’s Maximilian Arcade.

A contemporary architectural jewel has come to fruition in a space formerly occupied by the garden of the old Mint. An organic formal language has sprung up out of the architectural interplay between the historic arcade and the newly implanted construction.

An inspirational stand-alone piece – with the know-how that only experience can bring, a fine-tuned instinct for modern trends and the skills of a watchmaker or goldsmith, Hamburg architects Anna Nicolas and Jessica Klatten revel in the detail when it comes to their architectural design. Tradition meets innovation. The world of timepieces and jewels is showcased in a setting steeped in craftsmanship.

Project/AreaShop / All Areas
ArchitectAnna Nicolas & Jessica Klatten
Interior Design
ModelsOyster II, Alleegasse, Leslie, DDTable, Customized Models