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Wittmann showcases beautiful designs in Cologne

Exhibiting at a furniture show sends out a message, triggers new ideas and consolidates existing positions. It can inspire confidence or provide an endorsement for tried-and-tested approaches. The Wittmann stand at imm 2017 in Cologne was inspired by a newly discovered style: eclectic, exciting, Mediterranean/Baroque and yet still timeless. A style all of its own that expresses a certain boldness, self-assurance and zest for life, as people confirmed to us repeatedly during the event.

But it was not just the extended Wittmann Hayon Workshop collection that took pride of place. Displays spanning time and space showcased charming and elegant pieces representing more than 100 years of Austrian design history – from Josef Hoffmann to younger Austrian and French designers and creative talents.

Excitement and relaxation are not necessarily opposites in the world of interiors. Featuring a distinctively sweeping and compelling formal language, the Wittmann Hayon Workshop collection has now been extended to include a bed worthy of a fairy tale, and an elegant shelf.

Thanks to its tiltable side wings, the Wings bed encourages a light-hearted interplay between intimacy and openness. With its silky soft leather shelves, MD Shelf creates a striking stage for beautiful and treasured items.

A dream bed. Maxime, the new bed by Soda Designers, draws on Wittmann Möbelwerkstätten’s wealth of expertise. Beautifully cosy to lie on, and paired with a unique combination of high-quality natural materials, this piece sets new, undreamt-of standards.

Carefully considered combinations of materials are essential for beautiful interiors. And the marble surfaces used for the Leslie table, the Lucas  writing desk and the Bristol side tables have opened up further possibilities. Other material highlights include the slender metal feet available for the Joyce sofas and armchairs, and the captivating collage of leather, velour and striped fabric in the Josef folding screen.

There is no need to always go for the ubiquitous corner sofa. In the age of digitalisation, Wittmann Hayon Workshop has taken a pinch of Viennese humour and added a sprinkling of Spanish passion. Comfortingly different!