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Handcraft and Design

In the Wittmann Furniture Workshops a lot of time and care are put into the production of each and every piece. Longevity, a important part of the company philosophy, is the goal. On the path towards this goal, the defining design is carefully observed and finally perfectly realised. Guiding the way is the direct communication between the employees in the workshops and the respective designers and architects. The result of this inspiring cooperation is a balanced collection of permanent conviction.

The life of many pieces of Wittman furniture begins in the metal workshop. From raw pieces of metal, the expert craftspeople shape finely formed frames. Although they are, in the end, completely invisible, their load bearing and durable construction for the perfect frame for the many layers that cover them. Harnessing, upholstering, complex elements of gluing technology and finally the elegant coverings made of leather or cloth, bring the basic design shape of the metal frames to their full expression.

The perfect comfort which Wittmann furniture provides is, in large measure, due to a refined method of harnessing. Elastic bands made of a wide variety of materials and strengths are stretched over sitting and lying surfaces until the desired degree of firmness is achieved. Then the pocket core is processed in order to enable customised levels of sitting firmness. A durable jute covering concludes the work in the pre-upholstery department.

The inner workings of a piece of Wittmann furniture is far more complicated than it would appear from the outside: The extraordinary sitting comfort can be attributed to special gluing techiques – which are, of course, a closely guarded secret. Only when used by masters do they achieve the incomparable comfort which is exclusively the domain of Wittmann furniture.

This is where the basic form of the “dressing” of Wittmann furniture is created. Only the very finest and best qualities are good enough to serve as the basis for a Wittmann covering. Precise cuts and a well-trained eye are essential for the pre-selection of the materials in order to prepare the luxurious coverings for the exquisite design of a piece of Wittmann furniture.

Once the cut has been made, the valuable materials proceed to the sewing shop. This is where the finest leather and cloths are precisely and meticulously sewn in order to assure a perfect fit to the frame and sub-construction. Particularly with leather it is critical that the seams have a shape that underlines the total design of the Wittmann furniture and through its detailling gives it a distinctive accent.

This is the heart and soul of the Wittmann Furniture Factory. The upholstery provides each piece of furniture with its final appearance. The creation of the shapes and their precise positioning is so demanding a craft that only skilled workers who are trained in-house are entrusted with this task.

There is no perfect bed without the perfect mattress: Wittmann has also been a pioneer in the development and production of mattresses for a long time. In keeping pace with changing times and the increasingly higher demands and requirements of people, mattresses from Wittmann are being continuously developed with great care and attention in order to optimally meet modern sleeping requirements.

The Wittman Furniture Workshops have decades of experience in the development and production of high quality beds. Continuously re-imagined and critiqued down to the finest detail, the Wittmann Bed Collection is a “living” segment that is permanently varied and constantly brought to the latest state of technology. A modular, needs-orientated construction is always at the forefront.