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We LOVE Orgatec

Orgatec is demonstrating something we have firmly believed in from the outset, with characteristic intelligence and vision: variety creates atmosphere, an atmosphere creates wellbeing and wellbeing fosters creativity and productivity. This formula appeals to us, which is why we will be accompanying Orgatec with a pop-up exhibition at the Pesch showroom in Cologne. The latest models created by Sebastian Herkner for Wittmann will be on show from 23-27 October, between 10am and 6pm.

Inspired by this year’s key theme of culture@work, Orgatec will put trailblazing concepts for the world of work on show. Bringing an interior design to life works particularly well if a culture has a wealth of variety and is able to use multiple influences to complement one another.

These days this applies to living and working spaces in equal measure. And it is no rarity these days for the two worlds to overlap: living room furniture is now very much an option for smartly designed office spaces. And office furniture itself no longer has to be purely functional: it can have a homey and stylish make-up.

Visitors to the showroom in Cologne can see how Wittmann has pulled off the balancing act, building a bridge between these two worlds. We are looking forward to sharing our interpretation of this year’s key theme.

Orgatec, 23-27 October 2018 – Cologne show

Wittmann @ Pesch, 23-27 October 2018 - Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring 22 | 50672 Cologne