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Wittmann Preview 2018

The legacy of the prodigal son


After Jaime Hayon and Josef Hoffmann, Wittmann is continuing its exciting journey through space and time. This time Sweden is the destination – where a designer, overlooked in his own country, was elevated to prophet-like status: Josef Frank, who left Vienna for Stockholm via New York, was the mastermind behind Swedish institution Svenskt Tenn, where he designed highly unusual fabrics and pieces of furniture. At a time when the rigid and dogmatic Bauhaus movement reigned supreme, Frank propagated levity and a vibrant mix in his designs. He brought pointless yet beautiful colours and patterns to puritanical and minimalistic Sweden though his colourful fabrics, rugs and curved furnishings.

And now Wittmann is reclaiming that inspiration. Wittmann brought the otherwise vacant Villa Beer – a key Modernist architectural masterpiece – back to life for a single evening by turning back the clock to the 1930s. The incredibly modern rooms were returned to their original purpose: living life and celebrating. Monica Förster presented her new collection, Melange. Timeless and yet arriving at precisely the right time, Melange fits unobtrusively, naturally and advantageously into 21st century urban living – tailor-made for smaller spaces and nomadic contemporary lifestyles.