Distinctive design
masterful craftsmanship.

Our mission
We combine distinctive design with masterful craftsmanship for furniture pieces of the highest quality that delight our customers around the world.

In doing so, our inspiration is global, our style eclectic and our attitude optimistic - with a clear commitment to tradition, region and craftsmanship.

Our Product Configurator

With our innovative product configurator, you can now already customize your dream furniture online. The different variants of the models as well as the entire Wittmann fabric and leather collection are available to you at your fingertips.

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Our virtual showroom

Visit virtually our showroom in Vienna with the new bed collection "Wittmann Beds. Handcrafted Dreams." and the Luca Nichetto special exhibition "A Unique Design Journey - from Venice to Vienna" as well as numerous other pieces of furniture of masterful craftsmanship.


Our Novelties

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Our designers

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Meine Entwürfe müssen Geschichten erzählen. Sie besitzen sinnlichen Tiefgang und spielerische Leichtigkeit zugleich.

Jaime Hayon
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[Translate to English:] Ich gebe alles Praktische und Notwendige zu, aber ich denke, dass wir auch immer die Pflicht haben, zu erfreuen. Diese Freude ist Hauptpflicht unseres Daseins.

Josef Hoffmann
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Since founding his own design studio in Offenbach am Main in 2006,he has designed products for international manufacturers and has been working on interior design projects and for exhibitions and museums.

Sebastian Herkner
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Working with Wittmann is something very special to me. The first company my former professor Paolo Piva named during my studies of Industrial Design in Venice was Wittmann. That almost 20 years later this very company was interested in working with me was an honor.

Luca Nichetto
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Our projects

Office Buwog

Vienna, 2020


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Hotel Altstadt Vienna

Vienna, 2020


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Stilwerk Hotel Heimhude

Hamburg, 2020


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Café Ladurée

Tiflis, 2019


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