Wittmann’s fabric collection comprises 300 different materials of high quality in terms of both their design and wearing qualities. The most important criterion for the choice of furniture covers is naturally the visual effect – in conjunction with the other materials in the relevant room and in the piece of furniture itself.

However, alongside the appearance of the covers, the sense of touch should also be taken into account when choosing fabrics. The materials used, such as linen, cotton or artificial fibre fabric, and the method of weaving all have an influence on the “feel” and the durability of the textiles chosen. The best comparison is with clothing: a silk blouse feels quite different to a garment made from synthetic fibres. The durability of the fabric also needs to be considered. Each of the fabrics in the

Wittmann collection is classified in terms of “abrasion tests”, lightfastness etc. The higher the numbers, the more durable the fabric is. For heavily used upholstery, it is advisable to choose a highly durable material of darker colour or with a patterned design. To make sure the fabric covers stay beautiful, they will have to be cared for. Naturally, you will get detailed cleaning instructions for the fabric of your choice. Removeable covers can be sent to the cleaner’s for correct professional care. Fabric covers must be cared for to ensure that their beauty does not fade. The Wittmann care manual that comes with your furniture shows you exactly what to look out for. Here you can find further information about the care of fabrics. Many of the pieces in the Wittmann collection are available with removable covers, which can be professionally cleaned as appropriate for the precise materials. You can also have your genuine Wittmann re-upholstered at any time – even after decades


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