Federica Biasi's style is pure, soft and clear. With an inquisitive eye and inspired by her travels, she brings together a combination of craftsmanship and tradition, and sophistication and functionality in her innovative designs.

Born in 1989, Biasi graduated with distinction from the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Milan in 2011. Drawn to the simplicity of Nordic design, she moved to Amsterdam for two years in 2015. This formative period in her creative development manifests itself in the minimalist and modern lines that run through her design signature. Federica Biasi’s Scandinavian and Italian influences come together in her work with characteristic understatement, finding expression through a certain simplicity of form as well as in balanced shapes and aesthetic details.

When designing interiors, she places great emphasis on light, quality of life and the absolute harmony of functionality and aesthetics. When working with manufacturers, she strives for the perfect balance between her own personal touch and the individual client’s expertise. As she sees it, the idea alone is not sufficient – a partner’s ability to take on its implementation is every inch as important. And it is precisely this attitude that provides the ideal point of departure for her joint projects with Wittmann.

Federica Biasi has had her own design studio in Milan since 2015. An art director and product designer for brands such as Nespresso, cc-tapis, Lema Gervasoni, Gallotti&Radice, Manerba, Mingardo and Leolux, she has taught at the IED Milano and the Istituto Marangoni since 2017. In 2021, Federica Biasi was named Young Design Talent of the Year at the prestigious Elle Deco International Design Award.

„The art of simplification is anything but simple.“
Federica Biasi