Johannes Spalt (1920-2010) was one of the most striking personalities to emerge on the postwar architectural scene and had a seminal influence on it. In 1949, Spalt enrolled to study architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Beyond his own creative output, Spalt influenced generations of architects and designers. His contribution was also essential for the development and success of Wittmann as one of the furniture industry’s most interesting manufacturers. It was he who helped the company secure the licences to produce re-editions of Josef Hoffmann’s masterpieces, which continue to provide a source of inspiration for the company and its design ethos to this day.

„Zitat Spalt: “Designing an armchair is always an event, because – right after clothing – a chair is the closest reflection of the body’s contours.”“
Johannes Spalt

Spalt’s design signature reflects a conviction that furniture and architecture alike must strive for lightness, clarity and transparency. Carefully thought-out constructions, delicate cross-sections and a visionary talent for functional innovation hallmark his designs for Wittmann – executed to perfection in the legendary Constanze sofa bed, which is a masterpiece of formal clarity.