Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu like it quiet: the architects aspire to create pieces that work in the background. They never look to make attention-grabbing, iconographic statements. Based on this approach and with incredible creative tenacity, the interdisciplinary designers have built up a portfolio that is defined by its straightforwardness and clarity. The understatement that comes with a preference for allowing their products do the talking carries throughout all of their projects. And there are many of them: in their offices in Shanghai and London, working alongside more than 100 employees from all over the world Neri&Hu create architecture, interiors and product designs. Considering themselves to be architects first and foremost, they see the option of filling architecture with their own designs as a fantastic perk. Creating contemporary products that retain a connection with traditions is one of Neri&Hu’s core design principles. The fact that their studio includes “Design and Research” in its name, is rooted in the different approaches adopted by the two partners: Lyndon Neri is cast in the impulsive, artistic role, while Rossana Hu is structured and analytical. Inspired by the energy of big city life in Shanghai and London, the interplay between opposites is the denominator that defines Neri&Hu’s design work. Materials such a wood, metal and plastic coalesce in a compelling symbiosis in the products they develop.

Their preoccupation with the era-defining works of Josef Hoffmann and Adolf Loos and their respect for the traditions embraced by Wittmann are the threads that tie Neri&Hu and Wittmann together. They see their design Blocks more as an elegantly extended armchair than sofa: organic yet geometric, its modules come together to form islands of communication. The material sits with the lightness of a slip cover, creating a sporty and relaxing appearance. In a minimalist line that demands precision handcraftsmanship and takes its cue from Hoffmann’s designs, such as Club 1910, the arm and backrest circumscribe the generous seating area in a striking arc. An artistic coup that not only gives Blocks its highly independent character, but also gives Wittmann’s expertise its moment in the sun.

Lyndon Neri (born in 1965 in the Philippines) and Rossana Hu (born in 1968 in Taiwan) studied architecture together at the University of California at Berkeley. Neri did his master’s at Harvard, Hu did hers at Princeton. In 2004 they founded the Neri&Hu Design and Research Office in Shanghai. Neri&Hu have been named Designers of the Year several times, including in 2017 by Wallpaper and Elle Decor International, and by Maison&Objet Asia in 2015. They are also winners of the Red Dot Design Award and the Frame Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2021 their studio was presented with the Dezeen Architecture Studio of the Year Award.


„Creating pieces that connect with a certain history has always been important to us. We hope they insert themselves in a certain continuity but also hoping that they will have their own identity. “
Lyndon Neri & Rossana Hu