Camin Revisited Sofa-Elements

Design:  Paolo Piva (2018)

Camin revisited is the quintessence of living, the ultimate reduction to the beautiful and the cozy. Camin comes into perfect use whenever you want the centerpiece of your interior to be valid for years, possibly in changing furniture configurations with classics or extravagant solitaires.

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Camin Revisited sofa group with integrated table
 leather covered storage box with wooden lid integrated in the Camin Revisited sofa
white Camin Revisited sofa group with melange high back chair and DD Table side table in historic room

Camin is the quintessence of living, the ultimate in paring things back to beauty and comfort. Camin comes into its own in situations where the centrepiece of your interior is called on to retain all of its validity for years to come, potentially as part of a changing configuration featuring classics and striking stand-alone pieces. Its intrinsic value is second to none: Camin’s height allows it to bring Wittmann Möbelwerkstätten’s unique expertise to the fore – the complex and cleverly conceived upholstery. From a sheer comfort point of view, it would not be possible to put any more time and effort into this piece. The unique seating experience strikes the golden ratio between gently sinking in and providing reassuring support. Neither hard nor soft, but just right. Camin can be used in countless combinations with sofas, chaise longue elements and footrests to create refuges of calm reflection, effortlessly adapting to the needs of whatever space it is placed in: it works in a small and compact arrangement as well as in a breathtakingly generous set up. The seating arrangements shown provide the ideal starting point for a creative approach to materials, particularly when it comes to the various cushions, which can be covered in a choice of colours. Our living spaces are becoming more and more open all the time, and the sofa can and should be given the space to become a prestigious part of interior style. As a piece that reflects our personality, our sofa should be every bit as versatile as we are. A good sofa accompanies us through every stage of our lives. Camin is predestined to become just such a companion, adding lustre and meaning to our everyday lives as well as, above all, moments of relaxation. Paolo Piva´s classic Camin has been revised and adapted to the requirements of our time. Elegantly floating on skids, in a generous depth, filled with most exclusive materials, now featuring a high pocket spring core in its corpus as well as new elements and accessories made from wood or leather, Camin is ready for its future in living rooms that are modern and incredibly cosy and homely at the same time.


Sofa in three lengths 160 cm, 220 cm, 280 cm
End element 97x140 cm, 97x200 cm, 97x260 cm
Chaiselongue element with shelf 97x200 cm, 97x260 cm, 140x183 cm
Stool with or without shelf 97x97 cm
Back cushion 60x50 cm, 90x50 cm, 120x50 cm
Shelf 97x60 cm, 57x48 cm
Storage box 60x19 cm or ø 45xH 8 cm

Camin Revisited Execution Dimensions

Press release Camin revisited

Camin Revisite tablett Sofa CAD 3D

Camin Revisited Sofa CAD 3D


weiße Camin Revisited Sofagruppe mit Melange Hochlehner und DD Table Beistelltisch in historischem Saal

Camin Revisited Sofa-Elements, Melange, DDTable

 im Camin Revisited Sofa integrierte lederbezogene Ablagebox mit Holzdeckel

Camin Revisited Sofa storage box Verona maron

Camin Revisited File Detail

Cutout Camin Revisited Verona maron

Camin Revisited Sofagruppe mit Ablagetisch

Cutout Camin Revisited Verona maron

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