Club 1910 Sofa

Design:  Josef Hoffmann (1910)

This 1910 design is testimony to the diversity of Josef Hoffmann’s work.

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expressive Club 1910 sofa in black leather
Detail of the arched stitched armrest of the Club 1910 series in brown leather

The design from 1910 is a testament to Josef Hoffmann's diverse work and design motifs. 
The private client's brief was to design a large, comfortable armchair that would differ from previous models - but it was still to be a "typical" Hoffmann. The latter solved the task with aplomb. For the generous dimensions of the furniture pointed to the designer. But the seam strips that divided the seat and backrest gave the fauteuil a completely new touch - the "Quadratl-Hoffmann" showed that he could also do things differently. As the Club 1910, this representative piece is now celebrating a comeback at Wittmann. A matching sofa was developed by Wittmann.


Club 1910 Sofa W 183 x D 81 x H 70 cm (seat height 40 cm)
Frame wooden construction
Legs beech black stained, closure silver painted, felt glides
Cover fixed cover with piping

Club 1910 CAD 3D

Club 1910 Sofa CAD 2D

Detail der bogenförmig abgesteppten Armlehne der Club 1910 Serie in braunem Leder

Detail Club 1910

ausdrucksstarker Club 1910 Sofa in schwarzem Leder

Club 1910 Sofa

Club 1910 Sofa

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