The Wittmann furniture collection boasts about 300 attractively designed and hard-wearing fabrics. Before being included in our collection, every textile must be subjected to predefined tests, and meet minimum light-fastness and abrasion standards. Yet even the most attractive and durable covering is exposed to unpredictable everyday stresses. For example, excessive direct sunlight can affect the radiance of the colours.


General fabric care

Fabric covers also need care to ensure that their beauty does not fade. Vacuuming is sufficient for routine cleaning: use a special-purpose upholstery nozzle. Any soiling should be removed at once, if possible. In the case of spilled liquids, damp stains can be dabbed with an absorbent cloth or tissue. Any remaining marks should be treated with diluted carpet or furniture shampoo. Apply the shampoo with a white cloth, working from the edges of the stain inwards towards the centre. After removing the mark, mop up the residual shampoo with a cloth and leave the fabric to dry. Follow the instructions for use of the chemical cleaner or spot remover closely, and pre-test a hidden area. If you have opted for a removable cover you can take the material to a dry cleaner. Make sure that the care instructions for your fabric will be observed.

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General care advice for fabrics


Spirits, beer, fruit juice, lemonade, coffee and tea

Do not allow to dry, but treat at once with lukewarm soapy water.

Butter, floor polish, paint, grease, resin, coal, oil, tar

Treat with a solvent such as white spirit, alcohol or stain remover. This method is not suitable for covers made of microfibre fabric.

Candle wax

Do not use an iron! Wherever possible, crumble the wax and carefully lift it off the fabric. In the case of velvet, there is a danger of damaging the surface. Treat with white spirit if necessary.

Coffee with milk, cocoa, ballpoint pens, lipstick, mayonnaise, perfume, cream, shoe cream, sauce, soup, ink and soot

Treat with lukewarm soapy water. If the stain persists clean again, using alcohol, white spirit or stain remover.


Dampen a white cloth with citric acid solution (one level tablespoon full of acid in 100 ml of cold water) and apply. Soak up the stain, rubbing inwards from the edge towards the middle.


Please note that it is essential to test any treatment first on a part of the furniture that is not normally visible. The tips given above are meant as general information. As the composition of every material is different, each will respond differently to treatment. Click here to visit our furniture care shop.


Removable covers

Some Wittmann models are available with removable covers on request. The bed bases come with removable covers as standard. Please note that all removable covers have velcro and/or zip fasteners, and taking these off calls for care and patience. Otherwise the hook strip may catch on the cover material, pulling threads and, in particularly unfortunate cases, damaging the sub-upholstery. Particularly with larger pieces, we recommend seeking professional assistance when removing covers and refitting them after cleaning. When cleaning covers, please follow the cleaning information given by the care symbols.