It is only with a good insert that a sleeping system becomes complete. The inserts support the comfort of the chosen mattress by suspending it and play an important role in ventilation and moisture transport which contribute to the longevity of the mattress. The mattress and insert are a team and should be precisely matched to each other. All of the inserts in the Wittmann collection are designed as removable insert systems. This not only means that they can be combined flexibly with the Wittmann Frame base, but also with bases from other manufacturers.

Insert for natural rubber mattresses

Single-Row-Slatted Frame

Flexibly arranged in a single row, beech slats are held firmly in place by high-quality end caps. The continuously adjustable pelvic comfort zones ensures particularly effective weight distribution. The single row insert is usually only paired with a natural rubber mattress.

Insert for pocket spring mattresses


Classic padded, slatted frame with double-glued beech slats. Despite its minimal height, excellent suspension is assured.


Padded insert with pocket spring core. The Superior insert ensures particularly high reclining comfort in connection with Wittmann pocket spring mattresses. The pocket springs of the insert support the point elasticity and thereby supplement the qualities of the mattress.

Insert for pro E-Motor pocket spring mattresses

Motor Insert

The motorised insert enables stepless adjustment of the neck, upper body, knee and lower leg zones. Each joint can be adjusted independently to match the reclining surface to individual preferences. A carefully thought-out slide function provides additional comfort and convenience: while the upper section of the insert moves into a reclining position, the entire insert slides towards the headboard, and towards the bedside tray and reading lamp. The motorised insert cannot be combined with the sandman Imperial Pocket mattress.