Regent Headboard

Design:  Wittmann Workshop (2021)

Deep button stitching is the peak of traditional upholstery. 

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Deep button stitching is the peak of traditional upholstery. Like virtually no other technique, quilting gives upholstered furniture a typically classical appearance. Understandably, this striking look has never gone out of fashion and always creates an incomparably luxuriant ambience. Choosing REGENT shows an appreciation of perfection and love of detail. Cut to size by hand, the individual squares are given a precise line of piping. They are then brought together and sewed into a finished cover before being perfectly aligned and affixed to the upholstery below with high-quality buttons. As a distinct entity, the piping and buttons can be selected in a contrasting material to further emphasise the handcraftsmanship and add an eye-catching accent. REGENT is surprisingly versatile: depending on the height, covering material and colours it can convey a dignified, extroverted or timeless impression.


Advanced Line CAD 2D

Regent CAD 3D

Regent Header

Regent Header Detail

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