Paradise Bird

Design:  Luca Nichetto (2021)

PARADISE BIRD is based on a traditional stance that considers headboard and base separately. The actual connection is created through fluently integrated and supporting bedside trays.

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PARADISE BIRD manifests an attitude to life, an exciting interplay of freedom and retreat, openness and reassurance. Its self-assured design – perfectly balanced with exceptional handcraftsmanship and superior comfort – is redolent of the effortless elegance of Viennese modernism. The light, sculptural metal frame conveys an impression of delicateness and delicate spacious impression, while providing a feeling of security like a nest. The integrated side tables in marble or walnut add a luxurious finishing touch.

Paradise Bird CAD 3D

Paradise Bird Bed velvet violet, Alleegasse, Paradise Bird Chair velvet violet

Paradise Bird Bed velvet violet

Cutout Paradise Bird Ravenna Anthracite

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