A good bed system has to be able to do one thing above all else: breathe. Continuous aeration is essential for wicking away moisture and creating a healthy, hygienic sleeping environment. Here, it is the mattress that plays a starring role. In addition to regulating moisture, its job is to support the body properly. This is best achieved if it is generously proportioned, as the muscles, spine and discs need to relax during sleep. Wittmann also provides custom dimensions on demand to accommodate all body sizes. Offering the greatest possible degree of customisation is also the watchword elsewhere. For those who prefer to sleep on their sides, a mattress with a comfort zone at shoulder height is recommended: a flexible non-stitched topper provides an extra-soft surface. Selecting the requisite firmness is also vital. Fitting a double bed with two separate mattresses makes it possible to satisfy different sleeping and reclining preferences. On request, an unobtrusive zip can be incorporated to hold the two mattresses together.


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