Wittmann furniture is known for its durability which comes from outstanding craftsmanship and the meticulous working of top-quality materials. And if long years of use have left their mark, your favourite piece can be given a new lease of life at the Wittmann workshops. Even for furniture that is heavily soiled, or has damaged surfaces or outmoded styling, the best solution is a trip to the firm. New covers bring up-to-date design, a new freshness and many more years of useful life.

Contact a Wittmann dealer to enquire, select a new covering material and ask for an estimate. The uppermost fleece layer is normally replaced when a piece is reupholstered. The master craftsmen and women at Wittmann also check whether the sub-upholstery needs necessary repairs or replacement. Your dealer may submit a quotation for the work. Replacement of visible parts such as feet is not included in the price of recovering furniture, but can be carried out on request.

In the interests of sustainability, reupholstering and repair of old models are also possible – so that you can enjoy the furniture you live with for many years. Because a genuine Wittmann is meant to be handed down from generation to generation.